Registration of child born in Australia

Applications for registration of a child in the Croatian State Register of births and the Register of citizens of Croatia can be submitted by the parents, before the child's 18th birthday. If both or one parent at the time of child’s birth were Croatian citizens, then with this registration the child will automatically acquire Croatian citizenship.
For the registration of a child it is necessary to obtain following documents:

  • Original Birth Certificate or certified photocopy with certified translation in Croatian (note: Australian Birth Certificates should be confirmed with the Apostille by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to be valid in Croatia)
  • valid photo-identification for both parents and proof of Croatian citizenship for at least one parent (if the other parent does not have Croatian citizenship he/she should give explicit consent to agree to register the child’s birth in Croatian register. Consent may be given in person before the consular officer or, if not possible, before the Australian notary public (such declaration should then be confirmed with Apostille). Also, if the child is older than 14, then the child should also give explicit consent for entry into the Croatian Register).
  • Parents’ Marriage Certificate (if parents are not married then certificate of recognition of paternity should be provided)
  • completed form “Prijava djeteta
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