Applying for a Passport

Applications for a Croatian passport should be submitted in person, except for a child (less than 12 years old) for whom a parent can lodge an application.
The applicant will need to provide:

  • a fully completed and signed passport application form (provided by Consular officer)

Citizenship requirements:

  • If the applicant is applying for a Croatian passport for the first time (or his/her Croatian passport has already expired) the applicant has to present their original “Domovnica” and original “Birth Certificate”. (If you present the originals, consular officer can make certified copies). If it is a foreign Birth Certificate, it needs to be translated into the Croatian language.
  • Croatian citizens who still have a valid Croatian passport at the time of application for new one, need to bring just the valid Croatian passport.

Identification requirements:

  • Australian passport, Driver’s Licence (if the applicant does not have a valid Croatian ID card or a valid Croatian passport)
  • Proof of address requirements: Driver’s Licence or some documents on which is applicant’s address. (Please note that if you haven’t reported a change of your residence in Croatia, you may still have your Croatian address which will appear at your Croatian passport.)
  • One passport photograph (dimension 35x45 mm – they have to comply with the international standards for biometric passport photos – plain, white background, mouth closed, good quality colours, gloss prints, no shades, etc).
  • If you have old Croatian passport which expired, you have to bring it in order for it to be cancelled.

If you are providing a Croatian citizenship certificate (Domovnica) and Birth Certificate and your current name has changed since the certificate was issued (or your Croatian ID Card has expired), please contact the Consular officer to discuss your application and the documents required particular to your situation.


The loss of passport

The citizen is obliged to immediately report the loss of travel document or its retrieval. If a travel document is lost or stolen abroad, the citizen must report it to the local police at the place where the passport was missing or stolen, or where he/she noted its disappearance.
Police report should clearly state that the Croatian passport is missing. This report should be submitted to the competent Croatian diplomatic or consular office which will declare a missing passport not valid.

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