Applying for Croatian Citizenship

In order to apply the Croatian citizenship, you will need the Application Form 1 (Obrazac 1) for adults or Application Form 2 (Obrazac 2) if minor children are covered by your application. Both forms are available on this website under the heading ¨Forms¨. The following supporting documents need to accompany your application:

  • Biography (Irrespective of the legal basis of your application, all adult applicants have to explain their attitude towards the legal order and the traditions of the Republic of Croatia. The category of applicants considered emigrants ("iseljenici"), as well as their descendants up to the third degree, and their spouses, need to describe the circumstances under which their Croatian ancestors had left Croatia and submit adequate proof of thier statements. This category of applicants would also need to demonstrate their knowledge of the Croatian language and the latin script, as well as their knowledge of the Croatian culture and social order. Both the applicants in the category of "emigrants" and those who base their application on their Croatian ethnicity ("pripadnik hrvatskog naroda") need to describe the ways in which they have been promoting Croatian interests abroad, including through participating in Croatian associations and clubs, supported by adequate proof.
  • Proof of current citizenship (citizenship certificate, certified copy of a passport or personal identification document)
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable), not older than 6 months
  • Criminal records check not older than 6 months, issued by the relevant authority of the country of citizenship and/or country of permanent residence
  • Certified copy of a valid identification document with a photography
  • Certified copy of the travel or other document that the applicant or his/her ancestors had at the time of their emigrating from Croatia (only those applicants in the "emigrant" category, their descendants up to third degree and thier spouses)
  • If the application is submitted for a child it is necessary to provide proof of current citizenship, birth certificate and marriage certificate of the parents or legal guardians
  • Child older than 14 has to give a consent for the application
  • All documents in English need to be translated in Croatian by certified translator and all Australian issued status documents, such as birth or marriage certificate or name change certificate, have to undergo authentication procedure and be confirmed by Apostille

Applicants under the "emigrant" category have to enclose documents which demonstrate that they have been declaring themselves as Croatian in public life, such as certified copy of work, military or school records (radna knjižica, vojna knjžica, svjedodžba, indeks), birth or marriage certificate etc, in which the ethicity had been stated. Those who base their application on the fact that they are of the Croatian ethnicity (pripadnik hrvatskog naroda), can demonsstrate this fact by submitting proof of their involvement in the protection and promotion of the Croatian interests and their active involvement in the Croatian cultural, scientific or sports associations abroad. If the application is based on the Croatian ethnicity of the applicants's parents, it is necessary to submit documents demonstrated that the parents have been declaring themselves as Croatians.
If you would like to know more details about which requirements have to met to obtain Croatian citizenship, plaese visit the web site of the Ministry of the Interrior of the Republic of Croatia on:

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