Verification of signature / additional certification of public documents

Croatian Embassy / Consulate General can act as a notary. This capacity means that the Embassy / Consulate General can verify authenticity of signatures of Croatian citizens on documents for their use in Croatia. The Embassy / Consulate is not responsible for the contents of the verified documents. Croatian citizens who have valid Croatian passport or valid Croatian ID card can verify their signatures on the document (power of attorney, declaration, agreement, etc). The document has to be signed in front of Consul who will then verify the signature.
If the applicant does not have a valid Croatian passport or Croatian ID Card, the signature can be verified by Australian notary public and afterwards confirmed with the Apostille and translated into the Croatian language in order to be valid in Croatia.
For additional certification of Australian public documents (eg, birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate) it is necessary the documents are confirmed with the Apostille by the Australian competent authority (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) for them to be valid in legal transactions in Croatia.

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