Transit permit for the remains of the deceased

Permit shall be issued for the transportation of human remains and burial in Croatia. The application for the Permit can submitted at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia by family members of a deceased or a representative of the funeral home transporting the remains to Croatia.
The application must obtain the following:

  • Proof of Croatian citizenship (passport, identification card, Domovnica) of the deceased (If there is no proof of Croatian citizenship for the deceased, a written statement from the cemetry in Croatia where the body/urne is being buried is obligatory)
  • Death Certificate (confirmed with the Apostille with translation in Croatian)
  • Medical death certificate (or Coroner’s report)
  • Certificate from relevant authority for shipment of body outside Australia
  • Certificate from relevant authority that the person has not died of infectious diseases
  • Name of person accompanying the shipment of the body and name of funeral home in Croatia awaiting the shipment
  • Flight details (Airport of departure and airport of destination)
  • Place of burial in Croatia

A Permit for shipment of an urne is not required. The urne has to be accompanied by a cremation report. A Permit from the Croatian Embassy/Consulate General for human remains/urne in transit through Croatia is not required. The Permit of the country of destination is sufficient.