Registration of child born in Australia

Applications for registration of a child in the Croatian State Registry of births and the Citizenship Registry can be submitted by the parents, before the child's 18th birthday. If one or both parents have been Croatian citizens at the time of their child’s birth, the child will be automatically registerd in both Registries (births and citizenship).

The following documentation is required for registration of birth in the respective Croatian Registries:

  • Original Birth Certificate with Apostille seal and certified translation into Croatian 
  • Valid photo-identification for both parents and a proof of Croatian citizenship for both or at least one parent
  • When the other parent does not hold Croatian citizenship he/she should give explicit consent to register the child’s birth in Croatian registry, either in person before the consular officer, or by way of a declaration signed before the Australian/New Zealand Notary Public then confirmed with Apostille.
  • Children over 14 years of age also need to consent to their registration. 
  • Parents’ Marriage Certificate (marriage should be registered in Croatia prior to registration of birth of children).
  • completed form “Prijava djeteta