Passport application/renewal 

Applications for a Croatian passport should be submitted in person. Applications on behalf of minors (under 18) are lodged by parents/legal guradians. Application requires personal presence of a child, who turned 12 years of age or older. 

Passport application form will be provided by the Consular officer

Citizenship requirements:

  • For the first time passport issuing the applicant has to present the original citizenship certificate - Domovnica and the original Birth Certificate(If you present the originals, consular officer can make certified copies).
  • For passport renewals it is mandatory to present your current or your expired Croatian passport. If the passport has expired, please make sure to bring your citizenship certificate – Domovnica, as well.

Identification requirements:

  • Valid Croatian passport or ID card (if available)
  • Australian, New Zealand or other foreign passport, alternatively Driver’s Licence (for passport renewals only) 
  • Proof of address requirements: Driver’s Licence or any other document stating the applicant’s address (g. utility bill, electoral enrolment etc.)
  • One passport photograph (dimension 35x45 mm – they have to comply with the international standards for biometric passport photos – plain, white background, mouth closed, good quality colours, gloss prints, no shades, etc).

The loss of passport

Loss or theft of a travel document or its retrieval need to be reported immediately to the competent consular office to declare the missing passport null and void. Lost passport requires signing of appropriate declaration, while stolen passport also requires reporting to the local police.