Applying for Croatian Citizenship


Full information on Croatian citizenship is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior

Applications for acquiring or determining Croatian citizenship are submitted in person and are accompanied by the following documentation:

  • Biography (irrespective of the legal basis of your application) explaining family history and other relevant circumstances of the application.
  • Proof of current citizenship (citizenship certificate, certified copy of a passport or personal identification document)
  • Birth certificate with Apostille seal and translation into Croatian
  • Marriage certificate with Apostille seal and translation (if applicable)
  • Criminal records check not older than 6 months, issued by the relevant authority of the country of citizenship (not required for determining citizenship procedure)
  • Certified copy of a valid identification document with a photography
  • If the application is submitted for a child under the age of 18, it is necessary to provide a proof of the child's current citizenship, his/her birth certificate with Apostille seal and translation into Croatian, a written consent by the other parent, as well as a written consent of the child, if older than 14 years of age
  • Other documentation relevant for the legal basis for application (eg. emigrants will provide proofs of emigrating from Croatia while their descendants will also need to prove family ties to the emigrant) as described by the Ministry of the Interior website

All documents in English need to be translated into Croatian by a certified translator and all Australian issued status documents, such as birth or marriage certificate or name change certificate, have to undergo authentication procedure and be confirmed by an Apostille

For a more detailed consultation on requirements on Croatian citizenship application in each individual case, feel free to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to Australia or refer to the competent Consulate in Australia as described in